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The 35 Most Ridiculously Bad Tattoos Of All Time

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The 35 Most Ridiculously Bad Tattoos Of All Time

What happens when you combine terrible judgment and a stunning lack of intelligence? Misspelled words, terrible pictures, and all around terrible tattoo designs that they will be stuck with for the rest of their lives. So we present the thirty-five most ridiculously bad tattoos of all time....

 Wait, before we begin, let this be a lesson to all when getting foot tattoos,  angel tattoo, lion tattoo, Polynesian tattoo, flower tattoo, WHATEVER... Just make sure it looks TIGHT!!! IGHT??. 


1.) Yes, I'd Like A Half Horse, Half Patrick Swayze Tattooed On Me. No, You Heard Me Right: Swayze-Horse.




2.) A Classy McDonald's Tattoo



3.) No Regrets (Except The Spelling)



4.) Bad Tattoos: The Wolfpack Wolf Tattoo



5.) Because Who Doesn't Want A Sausage String Tramp Stamp?! Sausage party



6.) "Remember Me For My Love Of The Xbox Controller"



7.) Coolest Tattoo Ever



8.) Ridiculously Bad Tattoos: Spaceballs



9.) Sprite Must Have A New Motto



10.) The World's Coolest Internet Fad!.. Ehhhhhh.. Actually this one is IIIIGHT..



11.) Poor Wax Museum Scooby Doo








12.) To Be Fair, "Good Spelling" Isn't On This List



13.) When Le Narwhal Bacons My Virginity



14.) A Good Job Of Covering Up His Ex's Name



15.) Ridiculously Bad Tattoos: Self-Made Poop Tattoo



16.) No Pen, No Gain



17.) Celebrating, Maury Style



18.) Koolaid



19.) Terrible Quote With Even Worse Spelling




20.) Because Juggalo Is Forever





21.) Someone Got A Nickelback Tattoo




22.) Internet Fads Never Go Out Of Style, Right?!?!?




23.) I Love Poo




24.) Not Even Close




25.) Still Not Even Close





26.) What An Amazing Concert List!




27.) Duckface Batman




28.) I've Always Wanted To Scan Myself




29.) Such A Lifelike Baby Tattoo



30.) Exactly What A 9Gag User Would Get Tattooed



31.) Uh... Good Luck With That




32.) I Love Africa (A Little Too Much)



33.) That's.... A Really Bad Tattoo




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